We Explore Our Island

Without the Night,

Many days had been hellishly humid and hot.


Everyone loudly soluted what was to be the rising moon-now secretly vanished from sight on high.

Taking with it all the beauty there was to see of blazing comets and shooting stars

that no longer decorated a now absent, but still longed for. . .

twinkling Night sky.


The lack of air time and cancellation of the most watched reality show,

“Waxing and Waning Nights”,  twisted all laws of our modern day science,

Making Lunar phases a thing of myth-quickly replaced with some other brightly dull surreal sky;

Pointing out the absence of the brightest star of all. . .

the Sun.


I heard daybreak approaching,

Sneaking by in the quiet intervals of time

while our Lost Boys armored up. . .

to greet their slumber in battle.   


It was all so simply plain:

The Fate of our Nature and Destiny for our Culture.

We were marooned, trapped-

Living this never ending Day. . .

Only to vividly remember the lost Night.



The Desert is West

I caught myself
staring at a cactus
blooming bright and sharp
on the window sill

if only people could be so simple
to know you are guaranteed pain
when you touch them

if only they could be so silent
and so content
when they are lost

if only they could just be beautiful
staring out the window smiling
standing strong
in the scorching sun

then a woman walked by
and broke my concentration
asking for directions
with a bloom in her hair
and a safety pin in her dress


A Halfway Decent Title

only fools
speak of religion and politics
with adamant certainty
with steel voices

they do not realize
that their theories
fly from their mouths
with the same velocity
of a gin soaked lime seed
from the puckered lips
of the ranting gambler
at the roulette wheel
who is gloating of his victory
before the vortex stops
not everything is black and white
nor red and black
but to them
and him
it is



I have found kindness
Among the most unkind
And love
Among the unloved
I have walked in places
That God himself fears to tread
And have found myself in places
Where the brightest of lights
Cannot cast a single shadow
A place where day and night
Fall upon one another
Like reunited lost lovers
Under a warm goose down blanket
On the coldest of days
In the dead of winter
With a passion
That can only be shared


The evolution of fear

An evolution of people has stopped
We’ve been doing the same thing for decades
Reinvention of ways
Clouded by thoughtless patterns
And self righteous temptation

How can we stop ourselves?

Or is this the natural cycle of a death that we cannot elude?

I want to live before I die

Living is as much internal as it is ex-

I am a universe
I see that right now

I have all I need
Standing alone
And complete

I am nothing to win
Because I have no need to compete

We are the after of a violent collision
Of our earlier separate selves

who found each other again

As we find ourselves doing now

Challenging the mix of things,
previously thought to clash

Everything fits just right

All you have to do is keep moving it until it settles

Learning what you need while you need it
Only to use it after it is needed

A brilliant colossal smorgasbord
Of repetitive beautiful destruction
In the most birthing sense

Nothing is what you need until after you want it

If it wasn’t that way
What would we know?

To answer that simply we would cease to exist

We would exit in a state of unstimulated insanity

Our hands would shake in a fear
Committing us as staunch and cracked as cement


A Temporary Man

He has all the time in the world
And refuses to accept
That his life can end
Although he believes differently
If you ask him
Death is what happens to others
Not to him
He is a fool
In the guise of a prophet
Telling you all the things
That you don’t want to hear
In his mind
He is never wrong
In his mind
He can answer
All the worlds questions
In his mind
He is forever
But truth be told
He is
Without a doubt
A temporary man


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When Old Dancers Die

She was a dancer
But now at age sixty seven
During the day
Her ghost leads small groups
Of aging seniors
In palates stretching
Several times a week

She was a dancer
And though her feet
Remember every heel and toe
That she had ever done
Arthritis keeps her
From ever thinking
Of a simple lock step
Ever again

She was a dancer
Whose feet flew
This way and that
Across every stage
From New York to California
But was never chosen
To be the one
To play that special role

And though
She is sixty seven
And the direction of time
Can never flow back
After the sun departs
And night time covers the land
She closes her eyes
And still dreams
Of the time

She was a dancer


I wish

I wish you didn’t love me.
Did you have anything in common with me?

I wanted to be just a friend to you.
Lies are desperate to keep us apart.
Taste my heart because its totally tart.

I wish you would still like me.
Did you create love to use me?

Friends are forever; does it mean anything to you?
The soul is darker before dawn.
Why does lust have to make you a pawn?

I wish you ment everything to me.
I didn’t lie to you but you lied to me.

Whispers of ingraditude sweep over you.
I never loved you but I still lost my heart.
Lies disintegrate love from the start.

I wish you would still write to me.
The minutes are like ink sliding slowly down paper.
Your silence is a burning taper.
My mixed emotions are turning into poison.

In a year I will forget you.
Yet it will be a century in my heart.
The lies of yesterday will still tear it apart.
I have to say bye with out the good
because sorrow drapes me like a hood.


My Invisible Man

My rain is turning into hail.
You stand next to me.
Yet I can’t see you.

You always inspire me.
Yet I can’t hear you.

You break the heart in me.
Yet I can’t feel you.

You have no name.
Yet I look for it.

Some how you always comfort me.
Yet I still need you.

Your my invisible man.
Only God can make you appear.
Love should evaporate my fear.

Until I meet you my mind
will be on repeat.
My heart is a drum
that can hardly beat.

Please say my hopes will
rise from concrete.
Or I shall be alive but
gradually forgotten.
I shall be an
invisible woman.


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the blonde one
woke up next to me
after a night of
cheap wine sacrament
and forbidden fruit temptation
she kissed me
then called me the devil

she explained her guilt
because she was seeing someone
long distance bullshit
she said she had a problem
with commitment
I disagreed

two things require commitment
relationships and lies
if you can’t commit to one
you have to be able to
to the